Saturday, 29 March 2014

the cute continues

Most of the parcels arriving this week contained 'cute'.
Super cute animals in race cars and Easter bunnies, ceramic animal cuteness, little cute vintage-y fluffy yellow Easter chicks and rabbits, yep, all about the cute.
The wooden animals went off (like an animal driving a racing car) but we have got another delivery and I have restocked the online store. I was thinking of popping some of the ceramic bunnies online too- yes?
I've finally got my wrist out of plaster and although I am in a splint still for the next 5 weeks (minimum) I am feeling a bit more positive about going into the studio again. I have so much work to do and I need to the sale preparation under way.
Oh damn, it's 10 already. I better get moving. Saturday mornings always run to a timetable. Shop to be vacuumed, stuff to be sorted, cat to be teased. I intend to spend tomorrow waking Jethro up from his afternoon naps just like he has been doing to me all week at dawn. It is payback time!
I'm in the shop today. Lots of lovely new stock. Come visit!


  1. Hi Pene
    I forgot to ask you. The wax print tops- what was the size for the yellow and blue tops?

    1. vee
      the capsule top was size 2 (10) but it sold this afternoon
      the other fabric design in blue and yellow beads are size 1 and 4 i think


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