Saturday, 5 April 2014

not smiling, yawning

Morning all.
Well to be frank, this has been a right shit of a week. As you know I am not the type to pretend to sweetness-and-light-and-isn't-everything-great when in fact I am sitting crying and exhausted. I think it all came to a head on Monday night and now the tears have uncorked I am still a little weepy. I think seven months of wrist shit has worn me down to a raw and sensitive nub. One of our wholesale customers commented that she couldn't believe I was still smiling. Ha.
On top of all of this I am attempting serious money juggling and trying to work out how much work my wrist is capable of. I did manage a day in the studio yesterday and made a big batch of 'hot water bottle' wheatbags and I treated myself by cracking out the wool stash and making a tunic top based on our 'harvest smock' pattern. It's the same base as the patchwork tunics were made from last year, oversized and one size only in the most beautiful brown and black wool fabric with Italian brocade lining. I now need to raid the stash a bit more....
Daylight savings switches over tomorrow. Thankfully. It's been so ridiculous for it to go on for half the year and the mornings have been so dark. Everyone is droopy and lethargic and I am sure all our internal clocks are out because of it. Bring on Autumn! And school holidays have started for some people I see.
I start glove dyeing tomorrow and our 103kg shipment of wool is on its way from New Zealand. I've had to scour the house for all of the undyed gloves that Jethro has 'hunted' and presented to me in the last couple of months. He doesn't hurt them in any way, he just likes to deliver them to me. It's cute and sweet and very funny.
OK, time to shake a leg.
Lots of woollen cardis and sweaters for your perusal. Time to stock up on enamel pie dishes for crumble making. And don't leave the purchase of the wooden Easter toys to the last minute! They are still available online and I hope to get the ceramic bunnies up there too this weekend.... and the Slade knits.... never ending things to do....
Oh and I am shopgirl today if you are looking for me!

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