Wednesday, 16 April 2014

a message from d.l.b.

Dirty Lil Bunny here bring you the Cottage Industry Easter News.
We will be closed on Good Friday as we will be eating a mountain of hot cross buns.
On Saturday you will find the Tall One in the shop as usual, 11 until 5, you know the guff.
Next up will be Easter Sunday, of course the Cottage will be closed, that's what happens around here on a Sunday (except in December). There will be a clutch of chocolate eggs to be eaten, an ocean of tea to be drunk and a bit of napping to be had.
Easter Monday will run pretty much like Easter Sunday with the shop shut and any chocolate left from the day before will be finished off.
By Tuesday we will be pretty bored so the shop will be open once again.
Oh and then Friday is ANZAC Day and we will be off playing two-up down the RSL so the shop won't be open but then Saturday rolls around again and things will definitely be back to normal.

If you are in town for the Easter break and can't make it to the shop during opening hours then please feel free to call or drop us a line to organise a private appointment.

Hope you have a relaxing break!

Much love


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