Saturday, 19 April 2014

bring on the bunnies and the eggs

Morning all!

Hope you got to scoff a couple of HCBs yesterday, I managed to grab a couple this morning, I hear there have been early morning bunfights all over town.
It was a peaceful day around here yesterday... apart from me yelling at the knitting machine regularly and the crashes of bits of equipment sliding off the work the work table at odd moments. I was tinkering too much with the machinery and managed to get far less than I hoped actually knitted. The pile of beanies is slowly getting bigger although I am questioning why I always have to be the twit making everything and not be like other designers who just farm production out (rhetorical question, no need to answer).
Years ago I handknitted a range of beanies with giant pompoms on the top, Dell has a brown one and you might have seen her in it in the shop in the past. The early ones were from lovely Italian yarn and then when I got hold of the spinning wheel there were hand spun wool ones as well. This time I am using locally produced yarn for a more classic beanie styling and I think they are turning quite nice! I queried the size of the pompom on instagram and the general consensus is the bigger the better.

The Cottage is open today.
I'll probably be stitching up beanies, if my wrist doesn't pack it in (I over did it a tad yesterday) or maybe winding pompoms.
We have some little fluffy chicks and ceramic rabbits  in stock if you are after choc-free Easter gifts. We've sadly sold out of the wooden rabbits and carrot boy racers.... or do we have a single rabbit with basket left? Really should check before I start typing.

I managed to get a couple of the-chicken-and-the-egg chemise dresses made and I have more half done up at the studio. I quite enjoyed getting back into the sewing with these. I sometimes get a bit too overwhelmed by all the work and get a touch of the procrastinator happening. When I start sewing and realise it's not as bad as I thought it would be then I settle down and feel much better. It's nice getting wax print garments back in store.

OK. I'm off to vacuum and chase Jethro about. He had such a nice day yesterday, he loves it when the shop is closed and I am hanging about doing stuff. He isn't going to be happy at 11am let me tell you but the payoff is two days with the run of the place.
Pop in if you are in the 'hood!

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