Saturday, 26 April 2014

glorious autumn

Morning all!
What a week of holidays and stop-start it has been, quite topsy in fact.
I know it is Saturday, I am shopgirl but it feels really weird with ANZAC Day falling on a Friday.
Anyways. It's all over now. No more public holidays for a few months. Time to get back to work.
I did a quick run up country yesterday to pick up more gloves from my knitters so now it will be full boil on the dye vats to get caught up and re-stocked. There is so much to do at the moment and I really need to pull my finger out. I've taken the splint off my wrist (the surgeon might be a bit annoyed with me when I see him on Wednesday) and although it still hurts like hell and I have limited movement I need it to be a bit freer to get the work done.
We had a big delivery of socks on Wednesday and their display in the shop makes my feet twitch in happiness. I snaffled a new pair of cotton florals this morning just because I could! There are new colours in the wool cashmere spot socks, new designs in the men's cotton and we have a bowl full of bubba socks. The beanies are doing really well and I need to get knitting more. Seems people are embracing the bobble hat and there has been much discussion about the pros and cons of the pompom.
I've got new vintage stock to show you (needs a clean first) and we have a very special deliver that will be arriving soon but you will have to wait until it arrives..... I can't really afford new stock but sometimes you just have to do it!
OK. Better toddle off and get things sorted. We have boxes everywhere and bags of gloves that I need to find a place for. Jethro was a bit overwhelmed by giant sacks full of gloves, he ended up bring me undyed gloves from his special box of them in the kitchen. He 'fetches' them to me in bed and take them back downstairs and pop them in his cardboard box. I'm not sure whether they are prey or kittens to him.
I'll be in the shop until 5- come say hellooooo!

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