Saturday, 12 April 2014


So the shipment of yarn finally arrived (after DHL finally read the paperwork that said 'FIS' and stopped demanding money from me) and I delivered it to my knitters (who can't start knitting because their elastic yarn shipment hasn't arrived). Then I spent most of the week dyeing the undyed stock I already had and now we have a lovely new range of colours and as I have no undyed stock to dye I get to have a break from dyeing this weekend and do other things that I started two months ago.
The first glove orders have been going out and we've had pennant orders coming in. I on;y managed one day at the studio this week but I did get to play with the welsh blanket patchwork I started last year sometime and now we have some special cushions instore. They are really quite beautiful, the the welshie colours and patterns mixed up. I am itching to make more but sewing is taking me forever with this bung wrist, frustratingly. There is so much to do in the studio at the moment.
I am still working out when we will be closed over Easter, definitely Good Friday, Easter Sunday (well we are closed on Sundays anyway) and Easter Monday, that just leaves the Tuesday in limbo and of course we will be closed on ANZAC day.... what a harsh week for us poor little retailers!
I need to spend tomorrow moving stock about and laying our baskets of gloves in pretty spectrums. I've packaged almost all out beautiful pennants and now I need to find space to have the boxes of them out on display.... where and how I have no idea! It's definitely time for a big re-jig of things but sometimes it is like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.
I have to say this week's rain has been absolutely lovely! I know I keep nagging you about your Winter wardrobe but come on people it is time! We've also got a big shipment of lovely Lisa B socks arriving in the next week or two, three boxes are winging their way to us, bubba, women's and men's, of course we still have lots of stock in the shop but we will have more colours and designs coming (and new special colours not released yet  that we are getting a special preview of).
OK, better go find the cat, vacuum the shop and sort gloves out.
I'm in the shop until 5pm.
Come visit!

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