Saturday, 3 May 2014

smug as a cat in a box of tea cosies

My weeks seem to be marked out by my Saturday blog updates, I really have been all consumed by the World of Instagram....
Happily the weather is changing, chills and frosts, and yes I know you all hate it when I go in about the Joys of Winter but I like how different it is to Summer. I really do feel it is when the Cottage comes alive, under layers of snuggly wool of course. I love the way cats change with the seasons, Jethro put on his Autumn loony pants yesterday and tore about the building, found a new pack of bonito flake treats in my bag and attacked it, pushed the mouse off the desk, galloped from one end of upstairs to the other, attacked me through the bannisters and then fell asleep in the tea cosy box in the shop. Butter-wouldn't-melt. Autumn and Spring, the Seasons of Cat Craziness before the Summer and Winter Seasons of Sloth.
So what has been happening this week?
New glove colours have been dyed, a shipment of men's hankies has arrived, a few more beanies have been finished, the socks are selling fast, the Slade knits are coming into their own and soon I will have new cushions made from vintage Welsh blankets available. I am trying to get ready on top of everything and prep for Markit@FedSquare on the 25th of May. I should have been at Bowerbird in Adelaide this weekend but managed to forget with all the wrist issues to get me application in.... next time hopefully!
I have to say I am feeling rather flat with the net stupid government budget coming up. It isn't going to be good for any of us and least of all for small retailers. This week there was ridiculous articles like this one about artisans makers being a drag on productivity. This sort of shit just makes me angry and despairing. Mass production of fluffy airy high sugar low fibre crap of any kind is not something that should be seen as the yardstick by which everything else should be judged. You can not compare apples to oranges, they might both be roundish and grow on trees but that is as far as it goes.
I'd better go now and pack away all the gloves that loony-pants Jethro has pulled out of the storage boxes and drag him out from under a table in the shop. I don't think he will be happy to be locked out the back from all the fun today, he'll probably spend the first half hour meowing and hanging off the screen door.
Better shake a leg.
Forecast of 14ÂșC today, 12.4 in Fitzroy at the moment.... come and buy some woollen things!

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