Saturday, 10 May 2014

chock full of wool

It's been a bit of a crazy week. Dreary dull shop days interspersed with frantic wholesale orders, making and picking up new stock. I think, all in all, we hit the 'yes it is cold and it is time to rug up' jackpot and this is the time the Cottage comes alive.
We've finally got our mitts on the stunning St Albans kid mohair scarves that I have tried to order for three Winters. I can't make this sort of stuff here so I am happy when I find a supplier that has done the hard yards and got a product like this made. They are super soft and lacy and remind me of a ring shawl.
We also have stock now of their mohair throws as well and use these to make our beautiful mohair hot water bottle covers, now you can match your hottie and your throw! St Alban's has also started to make wool blankets and I loved the weight of their throws that I got some stock of these too! I chose six designs in grey and raspberry with cream and, I have to admit I'd like to just wear one like a big shawl.... I love that St Albans makes here in Melbourne and I sent Lisa Gorman there to get the Gorman range of mohair throws woven. I also notice that St Albans is still making and selling styles that I designed when I was a consultant to Country Road that they produced for us.

So friends it is Mother's Day tomorrow.....I say 'Go Wool' this year!
Angora lambswool fingerless gloves!
Mohair hot water bottle cover!
Wool cashmere angora socks!
Mohair throw!
Wool throw!
Welsh blanket cushion!
Kid mohair scarf!
Woollen beanie!
Oleana wool silk cardi!
Slade knitwear!
Vintage blanket quilt!
Vintage wool suiting Wagga quilt!
Industrial wool felt oven mitt!
Wool tapestry pouffé!

See, I wasn't lying when I said that Cottage Industry comes alive in Autumn and Winter! When it gets cold we get snuggly and happy, warm cups of tea, the smell of woodsmoke, drizzly days, the cold on your cheeks and that glorious feeling of getting warm when you have been out for a brisk walk. Love it!

I'm off now to hunt Jethro down, move some stuff about in the shop and make another bucket of tea before it is time to open at 11.

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  1. That pink and cream and grey plaid has me weak in the knees!


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