Saturday, 15 February 2014

accidental accidents

So if you follow @cottageindustrystore on Insta you will know it has been a topsy week. I was all ready to start work on new stock, I'd washed all the new wax print fabrics, I'd even cleaned up a bit of the studio and then KABBAMMMM! I rolled my ankle on the dodgy cobblestones out the back taking out the rubbish on Tuesday night and went down like a ton of bricks straight on my right hand. This time I've broken the end of the radius and the pain is even more excruciating than the last two times (September/hook of hamete, November/base of thumb) and I am doped to the eyeballs on Endone so that is saying something!
Three times since September. Can you believe it?? And no there is nothing wrong with my brain/inner ear/etc, these were just three stupid accidents, yes, accidents, they do happen and in my case apparently in threes. As you can imagine I am pretty teary and feeling very average.... and a bit sleepy from the drugs.

My fabulous GP Lora has sent me off to get a thermoplastic splint fitted and I'm slathering my wrist in comfrey. I'm off to the clinic on Thursday next week to see what is to be done but in the meantime I am heading to Sydney tomorrow for the trade fairs, it was booked and as I am pretty skint currently it seemed wrong to waste the already paid for plane and hotel. Sydney is so not my favourite place to go to and I have just realised every time I go there something goes horribly wrong....

OK I'll stop moaning now.
I'm shopgirl today! This is going to be fun...... Please don't expect any great wrapping skills today and indeed I may not be able to actually write receipts either..... but I can take money, chat and smile (sort of). There are a few new garments in the shop, the 'Alice' top from last week in size 2/10 capsule fabric and the new dress style above which is based on the 'Alice' top with dropped waist, loose fit and gathered skirt, also size 2/10 (this is the size we usually sample in hence why it is always first in store). We had a run on the Oleana cardis last week and this week I think it has been the Slade knits, with this freaky weather these cotton cardis are perfect.
Shop is open at 11, if you find me asleep at the counter just rock me gently awake. I'd love a visit but just be warned I have a tendency to cry if people are sweet to me at the moment.

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  1. Oh Jesus pen, didn't realise. Poor you, thats so crap. Hope the shows at Sydney lift your spirits. xxx


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