Saturday, 8 February 2014

heat stroke

It's going to be hot hot hot today.
It's been quite a lovely morning but the temperature is rising.
I'm opening the shop at 10.30 and if it gets unbearable and dead on the street I will close the door and go sit in front of a fan upstairs. I'll still be around so the instruction for the day is to phone the shop and I will come downstairs and open up. It seems much more sensible than sitting at the counter cry as there are no customers about.
This hot weather is really hurting small businesses.
Just back from running my Saturday morning errands and Brunswick Street was crawling with people (which at 9am on a Saturday is a very rare occurrence), I wasn't sure whether they were getting out early to avoid the heat or all coming back from the Flour Market.
OK. I better shake a leg if I am opening early.
Jethro will be mighty pissed. I woke up in the middle of the night to find him stretched out on his back in the centre of the bed, paws akimbo and the fan ruffling his tummy fluff.
Remember! Just call the shop on 94192430 and I will open the door to you!
(Of course there is a small chance that I won't be closed at all but really you'd be crazed to go out in 40ÂșC....)

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