Monday, 13 January 2014

too hot to be open

Morning all.
Here is the UV map for today (and the rest of the week...). The shopgirls have had a meeting (via text) and have decided that there isn't much reason to be open this week with foul 40ºC days forecast. I'm hoping for my own sake that it is dry heat as humidity does things to me that are unspeakable but I see we have little rain symbols appearing later in the week.
So this is the plan..... the Cottage will be open today and closed Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday if the weather continues to hover around 40º. We will reopen on Saturday once the temperature has dropped. If the weather forecast gets revised down then we may open but at this point it isn't looking good.
We brought in the 'over 40º rule' a couple of years ago as it just seemed to stupid to be open when it is baking outside. I know some people are happy to run about like loons on boiling hot days but it seems unfair for shopgirls to get to work, sit around waiting for non-existing customers and then troop home at the hottest part of the day. Whilst the shop is surprisingly cool, you'd have to be a mad dog or english to go out on a fry-day.
Now, if you have decided you are desperately in need of a bit of shopping, perhaps you are in from interstate or overseas, then I will actually be around the shop/home doing some work and all you have to do is call 94192430 (if I don't answer straight away then leave your name and number and I will call you back ASAP) and we can organise for a bit of private shopping. I'll pop the fan on and even supply a cool beverage (don't expect anything fancy!) and  you can have a leisurely shop. Does this sound like a plan?
I am more than happy to provide out of shop hours appointments if possible so please don't hesitate to call or email me if you can't make it during our usual hours.
Please stay out of the sun, drink lots of fluids and stay cool.
Oh! Before I forget, this sort of weather is fabulous if you want to get wool blankets, quilts and eiderdowns and winter clothing washed and dried. If anything good comes from four days of baking weather it would be that you will have summer fresh bedding ready for the cooler weather!

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  1. Eminently sensible decision miss!
    And you are being generous with your availability for drop ins too! Keep cool, plenty of fluids xx


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