Saturday, 25 January 2014

under the trees with the carni-folk

We did our annual trip up to Fryerstown yesterday for the antique fair. It had rained (in fact was pouring) as we headed up and instead of dust and 40ยบ we had a bit of mud and a mild day, people were definitely in a better mood than past years. I don't ever want t o experience it on the Saturday and Sunday that it is open, even though a lot of stands don't put all their stock out until it is officially open. The downside of going to early bird Thursday and Friday is the CFA barbecue isn't fired up (they used to do Friday). As the years go by I find less and less there but it has become a tradition to go and hunt out the craziest carni-folk dealer selling the worst/battered/broken stuff for the highest of prices.
It was exciting to get home though and find the courier had been and made some deliveries. We've got new stuff coming in and I had one day in the studio this week which made me realise how much work I need to do..... it was nice being in there though and surprisingly not too hot and rather pleasant. New African wax print fabrics have arrived in the country and I am just waiting for it to land on my doorstep, the linen socks have been dyed in indigo and I just need to print off their wrappers, a shipment of glass display boxes that I order 6 months ago for Xmas will be here next week, the cloth bound flex and fittings are ready to be turned into lampcords and extension cards, the jumbo knitting machine is lying in pieces on the floor......
and I only got about 3 1/2 hours sleep last night and wish I could go back for a nap.
Now it is a long weekend here this weekend and the shop is open today and then closed until Tuesday. I must spend this weekend cleaning the house. I really really really must.
Better dash. I have a shop to open in an hour.

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