Thursday, 23 January 2014


I am going to the studio today, I am.
Well that's the plan anyway.
I've tried all week but after the heat of last week my brain has been a bit fried and I have been dealing with a middle ear infection (that occasionally strikes me down) and have been dizzy, headache-y and wearily tired. Bloody January. And it is almost over too. How did that happen? Or do I say that every year?
I have bits and pieces started but nothing is really underway as I seem to get sidetracked.....
I'm heading up country tomorrow in the 'new' car, in the shop on Saturday and, by the way, we will be closed on Monday for our nationalistic-extra-day-off-as-Australia-Day-falls-on-the-weekend-this-year holiday. I better clean the house this weekend.
I hate to think how hot the studio is going to be, locked up after last weeks heatwave. OK, I'd better go face it.

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