Friday, 10 January 2014

trying to shake the lethargy off

I am still poddling about not really doing anything.
I am at the point where motivation might possibly be leaking out of my ears whilst I am lolling about. This is a mixture of good and not good. 'Good' because I love lolling about and 'not good' because I could go on doing nothing forever... and ever... and ever...
I've had a play on one of the knitting machines, I have been stumbling over it for the last year but I had developed a procrastination/fear of (as I often do). It wasn't so bad once I started playing with it but then I went and left it alone for a day and now it is taunting me again. It is also sitting attached at the end of the table surrounded by storage boxes and crap (amongst which Jethro is currently having a floor-nap). The demotivation is also effecting the cleaning up (still) and I am longing to throw everything out the window and letting it all blow away.
January is a love/hate month. I love its slow pace and quietness but hate this too from the retail viewpoint. We had a busy Monday and Tuesday but everything is now barely crawling along, too hot and lethargic. I realised this morning that I am shopgirl tomorrow, if you find me face down on the desk asleep just rock me gently awake.
OK, I'd better load the car with all the crap out the back and get off to the tip. I also need to start glazing the kitchen splashback tiles and organise for the plywood bench and shelves to be cut. January is always renovation time around here.

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