Saturday, 21 December 2013

four to go!

So here we are at the last four days and I would quite happily slither back into bed and curl up.
I reached that point yesterday of getting a bit put out with other people's demands on me (it's a pre-Xmas thing) and then, after dashing out to North Croydon and back and then hotfooting it to Derrimut, I managed to get flat tyre #2. This morning was a tyre juggle to get a new tyre fitted to #1 rim so that I can swap it to #2 and then get the car to the tyre man to get him to fit the other three first thing Monday morning. It's not like the car warrants new (if cheap) tyres as it is crumbling away but it is the minimum to keep it on the road for a little longer.

On top of all of this, after being too exhausted to sleep and finally dropping off, to be awakened by my two doors up next door neighbour belting out extremely loud music at 4.30am with all the windows open. I have the footage if you want to hear just how loud it was, I sent that to their sublet landlady and shortly after the music stopped.....

I spent another late night in the shop last night unpacking the new shipment of Lisa B socks (the reason for the Derrimut Dash, thank you Fedex). We've got new designs in cotton and new colours in the pin dot cottons and now we have the men's socks in cotton too, there is a men's striped sock colourway that just might end up in my stash. So you need socks for your Xmas stocking? Well we have them! Women's, men's and bubba's!
And I've made new wax print chemise dresses and  a few new indigo dyed velvet and linen cushions.
After selling out of our first two shipments of Ball's mason jars we've got more stock in again, there are the anniversary blues, two sizes in the quilted, 4 sizes from 250ml up to 1litre and more of the Weck preserving jars in the tiny weeny size and the 290ml. I have to admit I have been nicking a few mason jars to do the Xmas sugar based hampers- jams, cookies and salted caramel sauce.
The bonsai scissors and padlocks are back.
There is only one 'ammo' bag left, a stunning range of Cambridge Satchel Co satchels, lots of our handmade granny and 'lumina' zip purses and a lovely bowl full of our indigo gingerbread hearts.
And although we have run out of some birds we still have a lovely selection and there are still stock of our beautiful glass decorations.
Time to get moving.
I'll be here until 5 this afternoon and open again tomorrow.
Pop in!


  1. you are amazing Pen! what a woman, what a stocklist, what a workload. hope the shoppers behave themselves and give you a good day xxx

  2. Now only 3 to go love, hang in there, some good sleep ins and the new Doctor Who on Boxing Day to look forward to. ....... Xx


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