Tuesday, 26 November 2013

things of beauty, huge mistakes

I'm  sitting at the computer trying to get emails and orders sorted, chasing up shipments and tracking them across the planet, things are on their way, some parcels have arrived and more to come. Yesterday the two boxes of beautiful handwoven Turkish towels arrived (after detouring to Brisbane, they are more travelled than me) and customers were snaffling them even as I unpacked them. We've new colourways in the big towels and best of all we have the handtowels too in six (I think) designs/colourways as well.... they are so pretty! You better be quick as we have sold out of one hand towel style already and have only one left in another style.
(I'm having trouble stringing sentences together this morning. Excuse me if I am a bit all over the place.)
Yesterday was a strange ol' day. Things got done but by 5pm I was so very weary and could have just curled up and slept. I have so much to do this week and am once again pushing that panic down. I did manage to get some indigo dyeing done and now have velvet ready to go for cushions and 'gingerbread' hearts. I also started mordanting in preparation for cochineal dyeing but misplaced the tannin and the first batch of pink/red didn't go quite to plan.... which was good because I then had a play and ended up with an amazing combination of coral pink and indigo velvet. I am rather pleased with it but a bit nervous as it is in the washing machine having its final rinse, this is when things can go horribly wrong.... and I just nipped downstairs to check and yes it is a huge failure.... oh well. It's all just a big experiment. I have plans though...
OK, better get moving.
Lots to do.

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