Thursday, 31 October 2013

i'm in the shop again

Just a quick one.
I'm in the shop again today. Not sure what I am doing to keep my hands busy as I seem to have lost most of my morning with silly text messages from a friend up country and an argument about Halloween on Facebook, 10.30 and I already have a splitter of a headache (actually I woke up with it).
Tomorrow I will be in the studio and working hopefully as we seem to have run out of things.
You know where to find me.

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  1. Halloween is so divisive isn't it? Some people love it and others like me think it's a load of......
    Tell me of any other scenario when you encourage your children to dress up and knock on stranger's doors for sweeties?
    But proper day of the dead celebrations taking food and flowers to ancestor graves and lighting candles to remember them, that I would do!


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