Saturday, 5 October 2013


It's Jethro's birthday today. We don't hold with animal presents or parties around here (dogs seem to like that sort of thing) but I do like to whisper 'thank you ' in his ear for putting up with me. He's a sweetheart and a funny soul.
Enough of the catty gushing.
It's Saturday again. Finders/Keepers is on up the road and I hope I don't get the slightly demented market visitors in that we sometimes get we it's on. I don't think I have the energy to hand them today as I have already had my blood pressure skyrocket due to an email that arrived overnight from a certain British company we deal with... some more crap for me to waste time/energy sorting out that was all finalised as far as I was aware. I dropped into F/K last night and caught up with some of my lovely friends but also managed to totally miss the stands of other lovely people I know, don't quite know how that happened!
We have a mountain of Welsh blanket cushions in the shop after I spent all day Thursday sewing furiously (and overworking my still not 100% repaired hand so that I was awake half the night in sprain pain agony). I am worried we will have an avalanche and lose some customers.
I am starting to silently panic a bit about getting new product started for both Xmas and the Big Design Market. I need some quiet thinking time to start making things in my head but I seem to either running about like a goose or be stuck nursing painful injuries at the moment (splinters under the fingernail that lead to 3 1/2 hours in emergency on Tuesday night has just been added to the list). I seem to be attracting weird occurrences at the moment, like yesterday morning being pulled over by the police on the Eastern Freeway and given a warning for driving 96km in a 100km limit, I am still a seriously bit befuddled by this and also find it hilarious as I have a tendency to be a leadfoot. The 20 something policewoman was also quite cutting about the fact that I was driving a car that belonged to my father...... WTF??
I was on the freeway heading east as I was on my way to pick up a new batch of pianola lampshades and we are fully stocked on sizes once again. Lots of 18" beauties too. Do you know we are still selling them at the same price that we started with over 5 years ago? Probably a bit dumb on my part. I have to admit that I have finally had to put the price of the Welsh blanket cushions up as the prices for the blankets have increased hugely since we first started buying them. Blame it on the exchange rate, freight hikes and their rediscovery in Britain, I haven't put the prices up very much, under 10% and I feel bad about it. I really don't price things very heavily, much to my own detriment. Oh and the indigo cushions are finally priced and we also have some new ones in store.
OK. Better get a move on. Things to do this morning.
Come and visit.

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