Friday, 25 October 2013

blue ball

It's been a funny old week. There is stuff going on in the background that makes me sad and weary and that I try to block out through the rest of my day but it seems to pop up in the evening. If you are waiting on emails and things like that then please excuse my tardiness but they are the things I tend to do at this time of day and at the moment not much is being done.
On the shop front we've had boxes full of birds (the second migration should be arriving today) and beautiful Mexican dresses delivered. I picked up our first shipment of Ball blue mason, German Weck and vintage Atlas E-Z Seal preserving jars yesterday and soon it will be time to bottle Summer and get those edible Xmas presents ready. We will also have a range of the clear mason jars next week, I just got so confused about sizes I had to stop for a moment and stand back. I have a vision of my dream kitchen and things in jars... haha, so funny at this point in time.
I'm in the shop today and have deliveries arriving to keep me busy. I have this feeling it will be chaos, there is a shipment of cushion inserts coming on top of everything else. I managed to get a rather impressive batch of tea towel cushions made in between all this week's to-ing and fro-ing and I intend to stuff them and pop them out straight away, the cushion bunk should be groaning in a few hours. Then I think I will be moving on to the tagging of birds, photographing and measuring of dresses and tripping over the massive cardboard box stashed in the hallway.
Anyway, I am shopgirl today and tomorrow if you are looking for me. 


  1. This cold weather is deeply discombobulating! Where's the sun???? have a great day Pen, love xx

  2. Good morning, we are coming in this morning to pick up my "Christmas present"! see you later!


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