Tuesday, 8 October 2013

it's tuesday....

I'm having a creaky start to today, I blame daylight savings for a serious case of lag at the moment. I find having DLS for six months of the year just plain dumb and wish we could go back to the late November through to early March version of it... like in the olden days (bah humbug).
The feverish Welsh blanket cushion making seems to have revitalised things here a bit, it made me feel that I am capable of actually producing something when I get the chance. We had people racing in to hunt through the stash and I need to get more inserts for the empty covers in the cupboard and get working on even more. They really are lovely, so much pattern and colour, a riot indeed!
I'm in the shop today, planning and sorting and I think there might even be new things arriving this week. As we plummet in free-fall closer and closer to Xmas the invoices for all those things we ordered are arriving. It's a balancing act between the scary money going out and the exciting parcels arriving. I've been promising myself that I would get all the cardboard boxes we have stashed under the bunk and the big table in the shop sorted but I don't seem to ever get around to it. Now is the time. It is also the time to choose a date for the Studio Sale and use it as the impetus to get the sorting done both here and at the studio.
OK, I'm off to get some breakfast and get my head around my day in the shop.

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  1. There is a young lady I live with who is BURSTING to come to your studio sale......


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