Thursday, 17 October 2013

perpetual motion: stitching time

I have left this so late... we have an exhibition opening tonight at Craft!
The truly amazing Dell Stewart and Isobel Knowles have curated a show linking animators and textile artists and I got to take part in it. These two stars have also made some incredible pieces for the exhibition along with having to put up with wrangling everyone.... as well as a baby in Dell's case!
It's a really nice idea, textiles and animation, and the works are really lovely if I say so myself. At the end of the day yesterday, even with things not quite ready, we stood back and admired how the gallery looked a bit like a rainy day inside cubby house. There are interactive pieces, a wired up stitched quilt that has flashing lights and things projected on to it's surface and a phenakistoscope (there is a workshop to make your own piece to be played on this). Don Russell has built an amazing phase projector that plays long loops of textile 'movie film' created by Dell and Isobel. Maryann Talia Pau, Dell and Kate Matthews have done a dreamy piece that uses some of Maryann's 1 Million Stars to End Violence stars. The Harvest Textiles crew have a pile of pillows overlaid by film taking in their print studio. Jeremy Dower and Kayo Taguchi have created a fabulous cat with huge lens eyes (I can't find the right web links for these two.... but Kayo does fabulous knitting!). And I mustn't forget Pauline Tran-Cecil of PopCraft fame, who also did baby juggling and created two amazing pieces that Isobel has animated.
Finally, there is the piece I got to create with the absolutely fabulous Rebecca Hayes! I feel pretty chuffed to have worked with one part of the talented The Sisters Hayes. There has been doughnuts and silly animal videos and it's been a total treat working with her. Our piece is a projection onto a quilt panel made from depression era feedsacks and Rebecca has kaleidoscoped my photographed quilts around animated versions of my embroidery. And we have have a special banjo soundtrack! And Adam Cruickshank has also done the catalogue!
But there is more!
Gallery 2 has an exhibition of work by Sarah crowEST: The Tumbleweed Methodology and Gallery Three is new work by Esther Stewart:Geometric Colour. It's a fabulous mixture of work and please come and join us all. 6 to 8pm tonight and it is on until the 30th of November.


  1. So Glad to see it will still be on till my next visit Pen! It sounds incredibleXXXXX

  2. Pen thanks for my pianola lampshade. And thanks for you!! X


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