Tuesday, 1 October 2013

blown away

Just a quick post.
Hope you all survived last night's crazy winds (LibraryGirl did the gumtree come down?). The last day of September certainly got blown away and as it was, all in all, a shocker of a month (I normally love September) I am glad to see it swept out the door. Please let October be a kinder, gentler, more profitable month! A shocking night for sleeping so of course I slept in and now am running very late. Errands to do before I open the shop today. Yes I am shopgirl again today, hopefully things will settle down on that front again soon and I will get some work done.
I've been working on new indigo cushions and the fabric has arrived of our patchwork for this so I need to get chopping and stitching. I must remember to order cushion inserts today.... and pay some bills....
Drop in if you haven't been blown away and regale me with stories of your blustery night in Old Melbourne Town.

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  1. tree still standing... SO FAR....
    I woke up in the night and felt like I was Dorothy in the wizard of Oz and the house had been blown away!
    Shady did a Toto impersonation and ran around crazily with a tail like a brush much of the night....


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