Tuesday, 22 October 2013

the birds, the birds

I always know Xmas is just around the corner when the migrating birds start nesting in the shop.
Overnight they have appeared all over the shop, bowls of them, more perched on the cages, on the shelves.  There are even some we haven't caught and tagged yet.
I'm hoping I can get some photos of them and actually get around to popping them in the online shop. I'm going to have to organise some sort of minimum with them as I think it might be a bit silly shipping a single bird out (considering they start at $2.50!). Whilst we bowls of them at the moment remember not to leave your bird purchases to the last minute, every year we have disappointed people coming in and being downcast that they have missed out a particular style. We do have some more coming soon in other styles though.
Pesky cute little things that they are.
You've got to come in and see the purple crested golden glitter bird!
And the ridiculously fluffy owl family.
OK, better dash, it's a studio day today.

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