Saturday, 12 October 2013

finally it is spring at the cottage

I spent 6 hours last night doing a big shop switch and box and clean, of course it doesn't look much different really. We do feel a little bit more spring/summery though. The Slade summer knits arrived yesterday afternoon and I stripped the wool from the hangers and we now have a rack full of cotton y goodness. I always manage to forget what I have ordered so it's always a bit of nerve wracking as I unpack the boxes... we have short sleeve v-neck cardis, 3/4 sleeve v-neck cardis (very popular last year), long sleeve crew cardis, long sleeve deep rib cardis (these have detailing on them that takes me back to the 70s, they are quite fab) and really sweet short sleeve lacy pullovers (so incredibly retro and would look fabulous with a printed gathered dirndl skirt or rolled up jeans).
We had also decided that we weren't going to be stocking Mexican dresses this year but Zara turned up with a batch of the most beautiful dresses and I just had to snatch them. They are all one-off and very sweet, most of them are silk embroidery on cotton (except for the green one which is cotton on cotton) and I love the bit of smocking under the yoke. Zara dropped in 6 but the top right hand pale blue with hot pink stitching is already sold and I am hoping we will get in some more when she has unpacked some more boxes. They tend to be on the medium to large size (if you have bought one of the ones we have sold over the last few years you will know the sizes I mean) and are long but can be easily shortened if you are that way inclined. Also I've brought back the left over Frida dresses from the studio and they are on sale, we won't have them hanging up but if you ask nicely I will get them out.
Oh and I promised myself no more Welsh blanket cushions until the pile had got a bit smaller... and then we sold quite a few... and I couldn't help myself and we have another mountain of them. They seem to be governed by plate tectonics and the formation of mountains. I've made up some stunning Indian pink ones and we had inserts made for the pile of covers that was stashed in the cupboard. Come on down and have a look! They maybe wool and I know some of you get a bit scared of wool in the warmer weather but they are so pretty and we have some lovely Spring-y colours happening. There seems to be quite a bit of pink and green and a dash of blue in the shop at the moment.
Carolina from Sonido next door asked me when I was going to get around to redressing Miss Magnolia and I see someone has stripped her bare of her tatters overnight. I am really hoping the crazed drug addled schizophrenic is not back on the scene. He was the one who stripped freshly applied doilies from her as apparently the trees talk to him......

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