Wednesday, 30 October 2013

virtual garden, virtual shop, virtual world

Oh dear.
I am in the shop for the next two days.
And I have nothing planned to keep my hands busy, this could lead to trouble.
I do need to get the birds photographed to go online. I need to stop and think and write a 'list' (and you know how I hate those) of all the things I need to get done in the next few weeks.
I've made some lovely vintage linen cushions up. I think I need to excavate the tea towel cushion mountain as it might be a little too scary for people to browse, overwhelming choice and the fear of it all tumbling down is a bit much for most people I think.
I've got stuff sort of planned, no not planned at all but hopefully after next week I'll get full weeks to do what I need to do away from the shop. And by the way we will be closed for Cup Day, I may even spend it asleep in bed.... or working in the virtual shop. Never ends around here.
Looking at the pretty vintage florals calms me down a little and I dream of a house with a sunroom full of crazy florals, like a madly rambling fabric flower garden.
OK I'd better bust a move.
Drop in if you are around.

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