Saturday, 28 September 2013

grand final apparently

It's blowing a breeze out there. Yep, I'll say it again, love how everyone was out in the worst Spring outfits earlier this week and now it's windchill and driving squalls of rain, as they say 'one swallow does not a summer make'. I'd love to just be hunkered down with tea and newspapers and a little nap at some stage but I have a shop to open and (hopefully) some customers to chat to.
It's the Grand Final and things will probably go stone-cold dead about lunchtime but I live in hope that I will make a few sales today. It's actually a great day to go shopping as it is easy to get about and there is parking, football crazed partners are off doing their thing and those people that like a bit of retail get left alone to peruse their favourite stores, win/win situation I think!
Anyway, I need to find myself something to do in the shop (idle hands and the devil you know). Perhaps it is time to start the soap wrapping as I have finally settled on how I want them packaged. I can be a bit slow at times.
I may close the shop a bit early if it is deathly boring, if you are heading over later in the afternoon you can always ring to say you are coming and I'll keep the door open.

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