Saturday, 14 September 2013

sky view

A couple more snaps from the trip, just because I haven't really much else to show you from this week.
The milky way is somewhere in the top shot is you look closely.
So a bit of a mixed up week here and suddenly I am shopgirl again and although I only missed one Saturday it feels like forever since I was last Official Saturday Shopgirl. It is a slightly weird feeling, can you imagine what I would be like if I ever went on a real long holiday? A right mess.
I am actually looking forward to pottering about the house tomorrow and having a sleep in. Doing a bit of cleaning, that sort of thing.
I'm hoping to get some quilts photographed today if I get a moment this morning to drill holes in the clamp handles so that I can hang them up. The new size quilts are causing problems as I am the on;y one that has the arm reach to hold them up and between my sore hand and being the photographer I am a bit stuck.
I have so many emails still to answer and blurbs and stuff to write but I seem to have brainmelt at the moment. I also need to sit down and pop my thinking cap on to nut out the new products I am working on. We've got so many things on at the moment to organise and photograph and make. I need a holiday!
I'm drivelling again.
We are down to the last 4 Turkish towels so you had better be quick (the next batch may not be the same....).
We've sold out of the pineapple lights but we do have stock of our lovely cockatoo lamps.
I need to find somewhere to stash the quilts as we have one pile teetering precariously on a stool.
And I need to start organising a studio sale.... on top of getting to work on new stock.
Anyway, I'm hiding out in the shop today, come visit!

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