Wednesday, 11 September 2013

holiday blues

So here I am back from a rather topsy 'holiday' in Tasmania.
It wasn't anywhere near enough relaxing sadly. I went with a pinched nerve and a bruised coccyx and came back with the pinched nerve and not quite so painful coccyx and a bruised and scraped knee, pulled thigh muscle and a right hand of torn soft tissue/ligaments/tendons. This is what happens when you are admiring the view instead of looking where you are walking after a 4 hour hike and are 10 minutes from the car. Routes and plans had to be changed so that I could head to Launceston Hospital for xrays, luckily nothing broken but the extreme agony of all those nerves tingling and smarting made me a right pain to be around. Luckily/unluckily I was travelling alone, had a had company I would have been a right pain in the butt and would have completely dropped my bundle (as the saying goes).
The photo above is the Vale of Belvoir just near Cradle Mountain. The first time I saw it, a few years ago now, I didn't know whether creatures from Lord of the Rings would appear or some character from the Brontes would stumble out of the mist. It really is incredibly amazing, like so much of Tasmania, and every time I go I get so caught up in this isle's peculiar beauty. And I am a sucker for moss and lichen.

The weather was stunning for most of the trip and now I am back of course I have missed out on the snow which has just hit Hobart Town. Damn. And sadly no aurora watching this trip either although I did get one milky way shot that I am yet to download from the camera. I ate some fabulous food, caught up with fabulous people (and missed a few) and sucked in lungfuls of lovely fresh air. I didn't read enough, had to take painkillers most days and had way to much to worry about to do with the Cottage. It was a slightly stressful time away, mainly thanks to the doldrums created by politicians and their crap.

Anyway. I am home, things are evening out, Jethro is happy to see me and there have been boxes of fabulous things arrive in the last few days. A shipment of socks from Lisa B (women's spot in new colours, new snowflake design and more baby socks), Heico lamps in the classic cockatoo and the new pineapple style, coloured enamel mugs (red, orange and chocolate, Lucy calls them the 'jaffa collection'), handknitted baby booties and Ann has sent down more tea cosies (including the new pineapple design) and a lovely black edged multi-coloured afghan.
I need to get back into the studio next and get working on lots of new things. Hopefully the hand will ease off and I can start furiously making. We have lots of things coming up in the next few months and I have lots of things I need to get on to.
In some ways it is nice to be back but I think I need a holiday to get over my holiday!


  1. I'm sorry you didn't get the relaxing holiday you hoped for ..but I must say I absolutely loved following your pictorial adventures in that jewel of an isle.
    Makes me want to go there as soon as I can afford it.

  2. How extraordinary...I was married in the Vale of Belvoir...only here in Blighty obviously. Look up Belvoir Castle if you have a moment
    Of course being British we pronounce it "Beaver" I know! Don't ask! I'll bet Jethro's company is the best tonic you could ask for after the topsy~turvey Hols.That first picture is incredible....I want to go
    T H E R E!
    Sarah -x-x-x--

  3. Welcom back Miss P, what amazing photos!


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