Saturday, 21 September 2013

diamond (quilting) days

Just a quick post today and a few quilt-y photos.
There are a piles of quilts dotted about the Cottage, teetering towers of patchwork.
We have sold a couple so if you see one you like you better be quick.

I'm feeling a bit better today, calmer and not so flat, so I am hoping I am pulling out of the funk I was in. I'm looking forward to a sleep in in the morning and I have to go walk Ferdy and Pelle in the afternoon, a nice balance of rest and fresh air. I need to get an indigo vat cranked up too and mordant some fabric ready for dyeing. Time to get the ball rolling on some projects I think. Oh and the kitchen needs a good clean but strangely the injuries to my poor hand makes cleaning very hard, washing the dishes has never been so painful. And let me tell you trying to slide a pin into fabric is absolutely fucking excruciating....

I've got one denim Harvest Smock left in store today. It amuses and befuddles me that we have been doing these smocks for about 4 1/2 years and people are only just cottoning on to them. I need to get on to doing them in the checked cottons I have in the studio and perhaps in the new longer version, which I love but might be too long for some people.

OK, got to go run a couple more errands before I open the shop up.

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