Friday, 20 September 2013

the hamster wheel of pity

It's been a hard week.
Almost a month of agony has sent me spiralling down into the pain-depression pit, it makes getting out of bed difficult let alone making stuff and running a shop (and we are in the middle of the quiet month which makes it even harder... and by the way sorry but  I'm not open to suggestions from people as to how to handle it, I am coming clear of the mess and, slowly, will get back up to speed). I did get a little time in the studio and a bit of energy to get some stock made, some patchwork and denim Summer scarves to go with a couple of Harvest Smock I managed to finish yesterday. I have some many things that need to be nutted out and made and I am feeling the Xmas pressure starting. Just to rub salt into the wounds photos started to appear on IG of Xmas stock and I felt even more under the pump.
Anyway I am sure you are sick of my moaning (as indeed I am).
We had a shipment of Trunk&Orderly cases arrive this week which was very exciting. We ran out of these months ago and it took me ages to get an order together but Joel brought them down from Ballarat on Wednesday and we now have lunch, kinder, school (new one with a strap), weekender and the fabulous record cases in store. The record cases remind me of all my cool friends who had radio shows on PBS and RRR, they all had vintage record cases that they carried their stuff in for a shift. One of them even had the mo-ped, the anorak and an obsession with 'Quadrophenia'... and she would ride over the Westgate Bridge every day on that bike (I get scared driving in a car over that bridge!).
I'm in the shop for the next two days. I'll be pottering about, trying to decide if the shop needs a total overhaul and if so how I can achieve it. There are things that need to be packed away (like the last of the glass domes) ready for the sale I also need to organise... if you've been eyeing a dome off for a while pop in, get it for a great price and save me having to lug them up to the studio!
I better get moving.
Two days in the shop..... scary!

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