Saturday, 31 August 2013

darned quilts

Well the quilts are all done. Making them is always exhausting but this time was particularly stressful with the quilting fiasco and I have felt a bit down about them all but they really are quite stunning. I've had to darn small homes in a couple of the wool blanket ones but I am learning to love them all the more because of it. Late yesterday I was in despair about this but I have been reminded that is what I love about textiles with history... the patches, darns and scars that tell their history. I can be a bit thick at times and forget the very things I preach about! The emotions are still a bit muddled over these quilts.
It's Father's Day tomorrow and although I don't buy in to it all I will say that we have some lovely socks (only 6 pairs as our new shipment is on its way and will be here soon) if you feel like going down the sock-and-jocks road or perhaps some enamelware or a Welsh blanket cushion (blokes love these!) or how about a fabulous wool suiting/cotton shirting quilt? OK, the advertorial ends here.
Before I forget we are going to be closed on Wednesday (first time ever!), just one of those things but we will still be open as usual Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Election Saturday (blah). Don't forget to sink your sorrows and do a bit of shopping next Saturday at a small local shop......
The shop is a bit of a mess this morning so I had better get a move on and set things to rights. Please come and visit. We have a lovely range of quilts for you to peruse.

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