Thursday, 22 August 2013

indigo addiction

I've kind of taken the morning off. Sort of. I'm feeling incredibly slow today.
While I have been nursing a stuffed lower back I managed to slip down the stairs on Saturday night and land right on my 'upper bum' on the edge of a tread and then slid down the remaining stairs, socked feet flying to end up spreadeagled on the floor. One of these days one of these tumbles will end in a broken hip. Funnily my upper bum has been so sore that my lower back has paled into insignificance, now the bruising is going down my lower back is flaring again!
I have been in the studio most of this week and there are new things brewing. Most of it seems to be indigo themed. The new indigo dyed silk velvet has excited me no end, the cushions are backed in heavy raw linen and the indigo velvet looks lush if I say so myself. I've also been sewing up some wax print chemises (again with the indigo) and hopefully if I am motivated tomorrow we will have them in store on Saturday.
I think I am feeling in limbo as we have deliveries coming in and the wait is killing me! At this time of year everything gets a little dreary and slow in the world of retail and new things sparks everything up. Bits and pieces have been dribbling in and that is always exciting!
I'm waiting too to hear from my quilter to say the quilt lengths are ready to be picked up. This is the scary limbo time when I never know how the quilts will turn out and I am at the mercy waiting for outside contractors to get their act together. Fingers crossed.
OK, better go and do something productive.

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  1. Ooh, painful!! Hope you're on the mend soon. Like the sound of the indigo plays.


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