Friday, 9 August 2013

up, down, round and round

Well that was the week that was. I know there is still a couple of days to go but as I am shopgirl for the next two I am pretending it is all over. It's been a week of lows (Dad rushed to hospital in an ambulance, which I think he quite enjoyed, through the pain, as at 81 it was his first ride in one) and the excitement of the birth of Dell and Adam's little girl Hana Claude (happy birth-day little one!).
I did multiple trade shows and managed on Monday to seize my hips and lower back after stomping around the one at the Showgrounds. I couldn't get out of the car when I got home and, when I did, walking was excruciating, I am stuck wearing rather hideous runners now in an effort to reduce the jarring. I've found some stunning things, now it is the wait to have it arrive. I've been seeing online products that other shops have ordered and for a minute I get envious and then realise I could never stock that stuff, I have to stick to my passions even if it makes me no money!
Finally the patchwork is all ready to go to the quilters. I could have kept going on new designs but yesterday I realised I really needed a break after weeks and weeks of stitching these great lengths together so I've put it all aside and hopefully with the backing fabric arriving today I can get ready to load the car early next week and lug it all off to the quilters.... and then sit back and worry whether it will turn out OK.
There has been new stock arrive in the shop as well. Giant 5" safety pins, made for the US Navy Laundry Service, these are fabulous chunky things! And the first bit of the enamel order we placed in February has finally landed. I spent last night unpacking beakers and pie dishes and backing dishes. I am now salivating to make a berry crumble. The baking dishes and pie dishes come in sets and I would really like to sell them as sets and not break them up.... would you buy the set? We also have the cutest little single 16cm pie dishes and today's weather seems to be saying 'bake a pie, bake a pie!'. These little ones are great as you can prep single serve pies in them and freeze the pies unbaked so that they are ready to just be popped in the oven as needed. And check out the enamel beakers! I am such an enamel nerd! I've hopefully got some great vintage enamelware coming in, it's very fingers crossed as to whether I have scored what I ordered....
Time to make ready for a day in the shop. Jethro is still in bed and I wish today was Sunday so I could be snuggled down with him. It's a real wintery day today and let me assure you I have not packed away all our Winter stock the way some shops are already doing. I know we still have a blast or three coming our way. I'll say it again... gloves, socks, cardis and sweaters, we've got them all!

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