Tuesday, 13 August 2013

indigo blues

Back in my younger days I was quite good at late night creative endeavours. In fact I had a habit of getting into the studio about 2 in the afternoon and stumbling back out at about 2 in the morning, I always swore I worked better as a night owl.
Not so much these days.
I seem to enjoy bed and sleeping at regular hours now I am old and creaky.
Tonight, though, I got a couple of dye pots on at about 9 which is quite late to start boiling but it gave me an excuse to hang about and test fabrics in the indigo vat and play a bit with the new camera (working out the settings for aurora shooting). Really much more enjoyable than sitting on the couch blobbing in front of the TV as I seem to have been doing of late. Appalling behaviour. I must snap out of it.
There are gloves in the dryer and some bits and pieces lying about letting oxygen transform them into beautiful blues. I'm off to bed, a little bit virtuous.

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