Thursday, 1 August 2013

off to church

I can't wait until I get all the quilt lengths done. they have taken up days and weeks and, although I will then have to wait for the quilters to put them through the machines which is always highly stressful, I will at least have finished the biggest part of their make. Their return is always filled with trepidation and excitement.I still haven't ordered the backing fabric as I have been umming-and-ahhing over it- when did I become so indecisive? That will be today's job when I have returned from LifeInStyle, the biannual 'high church of retailing'.
I'm due to join the big snaking queue outside the Exhibition Buildings in about half an hour. I was up there last night helping a friend out and it will be amusing to see it all today after the littered cardboard box strewn sight/site I witnessed yesterday. I must get some brekky into me before I go.
Lordy it is August the First. This means for little retailers like me that we are entering the scarce months, August and September can be good, can be bad and are invariably the months were more money goes out than comes in. It is when we start focusing on the end of the year, Xmas is coming people and there is a lot of stuff to do. A ridiculously huge amount of stuff to do.
OK, better go eat!
Remember it's the last official month of Winter... enjoy it!


  1. Love the look of that quilt!

  2. Am enjoying winter, but must say, longing for spring this year.


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