Saturday, 10 August 2013


Being shopgirl yesterday I managed to get some shop chores done.
Things like folding the silk scarves into their new boxes, it's taken me ages to find boxes that I liked to present these scarves in and I finally found some I liked. Beautiful heavyweight boxes that you'd think twice if not three times about throwing away and good enough that you would happily pack the scarf away in when you weren't wearing it. The scarves look pretty special in their little box-y beds.
I made calls about stock, chased things up, talked to people, all the things I don't necessarily get to do when I am running about or working in the studio. And I served customers and chatted to people. And then the day was done. And I sat on the couch and I may have eaten some Cheezels whilst surveying the mountains of crap I need to sort out.
Now it is my Saturday Shopgirl Shift. Jethro is down in the shop enjoying his old cat tunnel which is open in the shop, it seems the games that you enjoyed as a kitten are as much fun when you are a big cat (it's just a bit harder to do a 180ยบ turn in the middle of the tunnel).
Tomorrow I must spend some time cleaning and catching up on chores. A couple of weeks of losing your Sunday 'day off' means everything slides and things get really disgusting (not say they are ever clean and sorted around here at the best of times). There has also been a paperwork avalanche off the desk this week and the rugs can barely be seen for the sheets of paper scattered from one end of the upstairs room to the other. The usual narrow pathway through the mess from the top of the stairs to the couch is not quite so free of obstacles at the moment. And there is a small ironing board propped precariously on the top of boxes on one end of the desk that is in danger of taking down a slew of more filing should it be knocked ever so slightly. OK, enough of my lack of cleaning admissions.... except the one about how I found a pair of socks this morning 'filed' between two batches of receipts and invoices.
Oh lordy. It's going to take me weeks to sort out.
Time to vacuum the shop and have a bit of play with the furchild before I open the shop.
Lots of lovely enamel in store.

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