Saturday, 17 August 2013

totally waxed off

Just a quick post today as I am running so far behind today.
It's Saturday again and this week seems to have gone ridiculous fast. I also spent most of the week unsure of what day it actually was, which made things weird and messy. I've been down with a fucked up lower back and hip (left side only) and almost collapsed this morning outside Beatrix when the bloody thing went into spasm. For a minute there I had visions of being stuck in North Melbourne on the side of the road in agony.... but it eased and I got on with my morning.
In shop news, I made some new vintage Welsh blanket cushions, we have Harvest Smocks back in stock  too and I whipped up more wheat bags, eye pillows and hottie covers which we seemed to have had a run on. Late yesterday I even got to start ironing some wax print fabric up in preparation for sewing new chemises and dresses.
While I was throwing things about in the studio I discovered a little pile of cushions on a couch and thought they looked lovely. Nikki popped in yesterday and I think she fears for my safety after seeing the state of the studio which is quite amusing as there are small clear spaces starting to appear. Nik is in town preparing for the weekend workshops at Harvest next week, I think there are still spaces available and it is a bit of a bargain with everything included and it is the launch of Construction #4 (which I have seen and it is fabulous!).
Anyway I had better bust a move (or rather slowly and carefully) and start prepping the shop for another day of retail. I'm wearing the new longer length Harvest Smock Dress today, same as the smock but 20cm longer, of course on certain people I know this garment would come down to their ankles...... I've been thinking of doing it in three lengths.....
Like I said, anyway, there is new stock in the shop, the wind has died down and it's a great day to pop out before that cold front sneaks back in tomorrow.

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