Friday, 2 August 2013

faux drunk, punch drunk

Where I wish I was today.
Snuggled down in bed with a book and a mug of tea.
Instead I am shopgirl, yes it's Friday and yes I will be shopgirl tomorrow too. Hopefully I will get some stitching and some selling and some thinking done. In between the sneezing and sniffling, I am not sure whether it is a cold or Spring allergy (wtf? it's still Winter!),  I always seem to have the sniffles around trade fair time, perhaps that is what causes my allergic snuffling.
There is so much to do at the moment. I am torn between all of it. Last night was the Craft Cubed opening at Craft and a quick dinner out. I was strangely 'drunk' after it all, very strangely as I don't touch alcohol anymore, I think I was like an overstimulated toddler by the time I got home. Let's say I slept very well last night!
Anyway, I am in the shop today.
You know where to find me.

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  1. Ha! You did seem very lively last night when I saw you. :) I liked it.


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