Thursday, 29 August 2013


It's been a 'colourful' week. Emotional might also be another term we can use here.
I got the call on Friday to say the quilting was ready to be picked up on Monday morning, excitedly I drove over... to find they had *fucked* up and sewn two separate lots of patchwork together. There were tears. And anger. And frustration. By Tuesday afternoon it was all sorted though... even if I lost a substantial chunk of patchwork in the process.
The new raw linen quilts and the suiting/shirting waggas are done and in store and today's job is to get the blanket quilts finished today but having a lie in and a tickle with Jethro seemed to good to pass up this morning. A reward for all the stress of the last few days.

And the other reward of the week was the arrival of the handloomed Turkish towels! They are just beautiful! They need to be soaked in cold water for 24 hours and then drip dried to 'activate' them before use and I am itching to use one. Wish I had a lovely bathroom to go with them.....
I better get moving, there is a lot to do today. Thanks to everyone who bucked me us over on IG whilst the fiasco was turned around and quilt-y goodness prevailed. I'll post more quilt photos when I get a minute!

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  1. Oh my Lord, your blood pressure ......
    can't wait for the quilty preview xx


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