Thursday, 15 August 2013


Just a quick post as I rush off to the studio (actually 'limp' is more accurate, damn hips and lower back are playing up, in fact I am in excruciating pain and can't wait until I have eaten something so I can hit the painkillers).
We had a pile of boxes arrive yesterday. Lovely new Oleana cardis, wristlets and a stunning blanket. We even have a cardigan to match the blanket! I asked Celia to get some Oleana blankets in but she went and sold all of them except for this one which I snaffled before she could sell it! We also had a small but very heavy box of metal stuff arrive... gorgeous Indian padlocks and brass handled bonsai scissors. These scissors are great for left handers and are very snippety-snip and they come in their own little box (and we all love things in boxes.
What else? Let me think.... a new Welsh blanket has arrived. I washed it last night and as soon as it is dry it is going to turn into cushions. I've been dyeing stuff in indigo (which is why my back has gone out) and as nerve wracking as it is at this stage I think it will all come together.
OK. Better go and find food to line my tummy in preparation for those painkillers.

ps I've changed the instagram account name to @cottageindustrystore

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