Saturday, 24 August 2013

enamelaholics anonymous (and a little sale)

Some time ago I thought it might be a good idea to start CrockerholicsAnonymous, I am now thinking EnamelaholicsAnonymous might need to be organised as well.
We had another, unexpected, delivery of enamel yesterday and we are now fully stocked for pie dishes (round and rectangular), baking dishes, biscuit sheets and baby mugs (espresso mugs but they would be so cute for baby mugacinos). Along with the five boxes of Falcon enamelware a box of vintage enamel arrived too. Yesterday is now official known as The Great Enamelware Delivery Friday. In the box of vintage enamel there were fabulous old billies, a super gorgeous pale blue bucket and two handfuls of ladles. We'll get all the ladles out once I have had a chance to install a Sheila Maid airer from the ceiling tomorrow.
I've got to say I am completely knackered from the unpacking and lugging and stretching and bending and my back has gone into complete meltdown. Please be gentle with me today.

On other shop related news...... I have got to make some room at the Cottage. I don't like having end-of-season-in-store-sales, I find them all a bit nasty (studio sales are different and we will be having one of those in the near future) but we need to make room for new stuff so I'm selling off the glass domes at 25% off. But more exciting.... I have heard from my quilters that all my quilt lengths are ready to be picked up on Monday morning, this means next week we will have new blankets, wool suiting/shirting and raw linen quilts in the shop. We have three vintage blanket quilts in the shop and as our new quilts are going to be slightly different with new backing and also in new sizes I would really like to sell this trio before the new ones come in. So 20% off. I'll post their photos on instagram and facebook in a little while so first in etc etc.... and you can call the shop for more information. The new quilts are going up in price (sadly but this had to happen) so it is time to grab a bargain.

So on top of all this I've also managed to  get 6 wax print chemise dresses made and they are in store too.
And did I tell you we have new Oleana in, little cropped red cardis? I think I did, they are perfect for Spring.
We are running low on Lisa B socks but a new shipment will be here soon.
OK, I need to go take some painkillers before I start my day as shopgirl.

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