Tuesday, 13 August 2013

tuesday indecision

It's Tuesday and for a change I am the Tuesday Shopgirl.
(I hope things settle down soon as too many days as shopgirl is not good for my health.)
I'm down with a cold/hayfever, it hasn't decided which, and lugging huge rolls of fabric about yesterday whilst sweating and sneezing was not my idea of fun. The upside to that Hell was that I finally got the patchwork off to the quilters. Today's upside will be that I can get some more embroidery done in between serving customers, I managed some nice clouds on Saturday but I have a lot more to complete.
I am in a pickle as to whether to take a few days off at the start of September as I always do at that time, I feel guilty as I have had 5 days away at the end of June. I'm not good with this 'holiday' notion and manage to spend most of anytime away zipping about like a loon anyway. Hmmmm.
I'd better get my day sorted now, there is breakfast to be hunted down, vacuuming to be done, I need to collect all of Jethro's elastic bands from around the shop and roll up his play tunnel. I haven't managed any glove dyeing this week although I have been promising that I would have stock done. I think I may have fallen into a sinkhole of procrastination and indecision.
Better get moving.

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  1. I vote for another little holiday for you: then you will be energised for the Christmas/retail madness which lies ahead!


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