Saturday, 27 July 2013

knotted and twisted

Sorry if I have been a little absent of late. It was just one of those weeks and I have been a bit tired and out of sorts. I've been trying to get lots of work done, in between having to be at the shop and falling into bed, and have managed to get the raw linen for the quilts all sewn together and then doing the wool suiting quilt length (the photo above is some wool I found in the stash with the production details chainstitched at the end, fabulous, its next appearance will be in a quilt). The quilt lengths now need to be rolled and sent off to the quilter's but I also need to do the blanket quilts and the patched denim. I have been thinking of taking down all the vintage fabrics off the shelves and making that all into quilts too, I barely use any of it these days and perhaps it is time it was all turned into something. A form of de-stashing I think!

Miss Magnolia's blooms are on the verge of bursting open like giant pink popped corn. There is another month of official Winter to go and I seriously do not understand the number of people I saw in the city on Wednesday who were wandering around in thongs (as in shoes not underpants), they are either very hardy or have no feelings in their extremities. Perhaps this is why people complain about the cold so much, they just aren't wearing the right clothes.
Mind you I am complaining too at the moment as my body has decided to go into pain mode and I am crawling about like a hunched over troll. Stiff and sore. I am not sure whether my body has gone out in sympathy with my stressed mood or stressed mood is a result of my twisted body. Bit of both probably.

The Projection Festival finishes this weekend and it has been amusing to see Gertrude Street full of promenading people. I think my favourite bits are just the geometric light shows on the buildings. Come on down/over and visit this weekend. Ladro are doing free popcorn and it's a nice wander.
In the shop news we had a shipment of enamel arrive (still waiting on the big baking/pie order) and are re-stocked in the 1 litre measuring jugs (green and cream), the little teapots (green only and we have a couple of white left I think) and the 'Eastern European' (as we like to call them as they look like they have come off the stove in a dacha) kettles in white, red and blue. I've made new eye pillows and wheat bags and we have a new colour/pattern in the Welsh blanket cushions. And I dyed some gloves but not as many as I should have. Think that is it.
I'm in the shop today, come visit!


  1. I suspect the thong wearers were liverpudlian soccer cousins!

  2. Hi there, I thought you may like to check out the Penelope Durston cushion that features on the blog, The Room Illuminated. It looks gorgeous!! Kate x

  3. Isn't it amazing how melbournites embrace winter? the projection festival, open house, design market, film festival - I'm tired thinking about all the things I haven't gone too!


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