Saturday, 13 July 2013

hot air

It was a long week but the pouffés are done. Four this time which is, I must say, a mammoth effort as they are exhausting to work on. Jethro has checked them out and he has given them the stamp of approval.
I'm not quite sure what has happened to my morning. I forgot to get the papers so had to go back out to buy them and I am sure there are other things that I am forgetting this morning. Some days are like that, especially after a slightly stressful week, so many things to juggle at the moment.
I seem suddenly to have nothing to say. I think it might be because I caught sight of the list of emails I need to answer and the thought of spending my weekend on the computer does not fill me with joy. I really don't know how people can spend hours trawling the internet, so many other interesting things to do... like daydreaming and snoozing, making and baking, going for a walk and breathing fresh air. Yawn. I really need a nap.
Anyways. I'm shopgirl again today. I have new pouffés if anyone is interested, lots of lovely woolly knits and a bit of other stuff if you want to come for a browse today. The muscle car show is on up at the Exhibition Buildings if you feel like channelling your inner/outer bogan. (I got accosted by a bogan mother and her teenage daughters who were exhibiting at the Expo yesterday evening wanting directions to Macca's, they also wanted to know whether it would be dark when they were coming back, I really really wanted to tell them the walk would be good for them and there was lots of other lovely food for them to try... but I just gave them directions and had a chuckle.) Last week it was ComicCon this week it is the Muscle Car Expo.
I'm blathering.
Better go vacuum.

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