Saturday, 6 July 2013

cut to the quick

I fell into the post break doldrums yesterday morning. I only had 6 days off, can you imagine how pathetic I would be if I went off gallivanting for 3 weeks? I did get a bit of running about done though, met up with my quilter to talk... well... quilting and warn him of the new work that I need to get finished in the next couple of weeks, then had to race over to Prahran to check on some fake birds, the post office to pick up a box of Lisa B socks and then went up to the studio for an couple of hours. That last one was a rude shock to the system as it appears the studio elves have also been on holiday... what a mess.
And now it is Saturday again. Jethro is still in bed, tired from the 4am to 6am shenanigans I think, he had a bad day yesterday, furball issues and then managed to trick Brodie and escaped into the shop, there was hissing and scratching. 'Acting out' apparently as it was the first day since I got back that I was around and he didn't like it. He really is a strange mog.
I'm slowly putting out new stock, we seem to have holes on the shelves at the moment, stripped of almost all our crochet afghans and very low on blanket quilts, there are only 4 left at the moment I think. One box of Lisa B socks has arrived, hopefully the second will come on Monday, and we are restocked on women's dot socks (we have new colours!) and also the women's OTK and men's dot socks. We also received some parcels from India and now have these beautiful brass handled scissors in 6", 8" and 10" and the fabulous barber's scissors. I love scissors like these as they can be resharpened, I hate those ergonomic featherlight things that all the crafters like. I see these ones sitting on the counter with brown paper and string.... which reminds me, I need to re-order more linen string.
I'm thinking we are drawing closer to me having a studio sale. It's going to kill me getting it together but there is no point doing Camberwell with the vintage stuff as that market is hopeless at the moment and I would still need to do a studio sale to sell samples/seconds/stock anyway. I need to sell a couple of sewing machines too. Even thinking about is making me exhausted!
Wonder if I can get the shop ready and have a 15 minute nana nap before opening.....
And I see that it is snowing in Tasmania and I missed it. Grrr.

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  1. studio sale sounds a better idea..Camberwell market has gone all factory seconds and really not worth doing ..seems people dont appreciate or value the good stuff much effort to stand out in the cold and poss those scissors.


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