Friday, 19 July 2013

sky light

After yesterday's weirdly warm then pouring weather we had our own spectacular light show, double rainbows, pink skies in the east and a stream of photos appearing on IG and FB that had us pissing ourselves laughing. The photos of the rainbow depended on whether you were on the northside or southside of the arc or smack bang in the middle. It was a fitting rainbow-y send off for our lovely Miss Dell who is almost ready to pop out her bubba. I shall miss her dreadfully but am excited to meet the little one.
I've been juggling studio work, sewing huge patchwork lengths of raw linen together and hopefully am nearing the last of this piece. It's two metres wide and about 16 metres long at the moment, a few more metres to go then it will be rolling time. It isn't the end of the patchwork though as I still have another four designs to go, weeks of work still. I'm losing today annoyingly on dentist appointments and racing up country to pick up gloves from my knitters.
There is another light show happening, the Gertrude Street Projection Festival kicks off tonight. Opening night is always fabulous as the housing commission flats at Atherton Gardens will be lit up. I just wish the Taco Trucks were allowed onto City of Yarra land (the council f*ckers have banned food trucks in the City of Yarra) as I could do with fish taco as I wander.
You really should venture out for this.

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