Saturday, 20 July 2013

bang the drum

We took to the streets last night, in the pouring rain, which I don't think my compadres were too happy about but I didn't mind, it just added to the atmosphere! I loved The Red Brigade it reminded me of the old 'Rooty Hill Brass Band' that friends played in way back last century, nothing to do with the actually Rooty Hill in NSW, they had just scored some old uniforms and thumped out slightly out of time tunes (similar to an Indian wedding band if you have ever experienced one of those). A bit of a favourite instagram photo this one, I might have to finally order a print!
So it is now Saturday. My week has flown, I've achieved a bit and absolutely nothing. The days slip through my fingers. This weekend I must get dyeing as we are incredibly low on medium glove stock, I hear rumours it is snowing in Daylesford, bring back Winter! I also need to get marmalade cooking as I've had a huge batch of grapefruit arrive. I also need to finish cleaning the kitchen after yesterday morning's flood, thank goodness for concrete floors... and I need to make a decision about the new kitchen bench and whether I will tile the splash back wall and what with. Talking about it with my Aunt Pippa the other day she asked me whether I would make the tiles myself.... she knows me too well.... but I am thinking of NOT going there! I'm saving that for the Dream House... hahaha!
Crap, it's 10am already.
'Shop news?' I hear you ask. We've got lots of lovely Lisa B socks and our angora gloves in stock and cardis and sweaters, all perfect for this wintery weekend. Don't go thinking just because there was a weird hot interlude that Winter is over people! We still have a month and a bit officially to go, embrace it, enjoy it, revel in it! Paulette wrote a great piece about our 'monotone' existence over here (vegans and vegetarians beware of clicking on the link), it's a very beautiful bit of writing.
OK, I'd better make a move, shake a tail feather, wrangle a sad faced cat (he's very moody at the moment) and get the shop sorted for another day. Come and visit! I'll be the one behind the counter talking twaddle.

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  1. Hi penn, I always love your photos of the buildings. When the weather is better, could you please post a few. I know I live southside but I am very poorly at present. Thanks Jude


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