Tuesday, 16 July 2013


I would really love to be in the studio today sewing up all the piles of raw linen into quilt panels.
I am in the shop instead.
I've had one of those busy mornings and need to get my head sorted for being shopgirl.
I've just had our test-and-tag man through and our lovely cloth bound lamp cords are back in stock, all tested and tagged. We've been doing these for years and I have scored some new cords that I like to describe as 'appliance style', red and white, black and white and orange and black. All part of the PenCorp Electrics range!
I seem to be trying to fit three days work into half a day at the moment, dashing about and confusing myself no end, worrying myself about how I am tinkering with designs. Should we make bigger quilts? Will people pay the jump in price that we will need to do? Boring stuff.
Anyway, I'd better go sort some stuff out before I open the shop.

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