Monday, 26 July 2010

wintry evening

Sometimes Melbourne looks like any place other than Melbourne.
An evening walk can make you imagine witches in bare branched woods and gothic villages. 
The days are getting longer, mornings earlier, evenings lighter but we still have a month and a bit of winter.


  1. these are beautiful photos Pen. Very evocative. It's been a strange winter, I much prefer the sunny days we've had.R

  2. Oooh, mysterious.
    Gorgeous colour in those pics. As cold as it does get, I still love melbourne in the winter. The bare trees & the crisp air. Growing up in brisbane makes those things really quite fascinating.
    Wishing you warmth & creativity. x

  3. oooh Pen, these are fantastic i've come over all stonehenge!!!
    best go and listen to some northern brit goblin metal.


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