Saturday, 17 July 2010

ode to the lemon delicious

I've decided that my lack of posting of late has been in part down to my lack of photo-taking.
I just haven't been totally inspired by much and haven't bothered to take my camera/iPhone out over the last few weeks. 
I did bother to get my camera out for last weekend's passionfruit and  lemon delicious puddings (a little over cooked but still very yum). Such a classic Australian pud and about the easiest baked dessert/next-day-breakfast ever. I love that there is all the ingredients in the cupboard/fridge and, in the past, a walk out to the clothes line where the lemon tree was supplied the essential flavour. I've never had the recipe written down, it's always just been in my memory filing cabinet. I've made versions of  lemon, lemon and lime, passionfruit and lemon, passionfruit and lime, even blood orange and  I never bother with weighing or accurate measuring, it's always a tablespoon out of the cutlery drawer and the first tea cup off the shelf, and even then it's a slap-dash approximation. I feel connected to all those non-MasterChef 'Plain Cooks', who down through the years actually knew how to cook and bake. (I rarely watch MasterChef but I did catch half of the CWA cook off and I was totally appalled by the contestants lack of skill- you have to learn to walk before you can run- or in this case cook before molecular gastonomify!)
I am still searching for my creative equilibrium, perhaps I should take the Lemon Delicious Pudding as symbolic goal. A perfect balance of sponge cake floating on a custard sea, tangy and sweet, delicious (but different) both hot and cold the morning after. If there was a Lemon Delicious Pudding Scout Badge I would totally go for it.


  1. That looks delicious!
    I haven't been all that inspired to take pics of what I've been doing lately either. I blame it on the greyness of winter and life getting in the way. Hope you are having an ace weekend.

  2. yum looks delic. recipe please!

    Meanwhile, I appear to have stolen your photographic mojo and gone a bit bonkers!!!! see over at my place, tee hee,

    pining as faraways are landing in Melbun right about now.....

    Sarah x


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